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“One of our favourite places in Hamilton! Great atmosphere, great drinks, great food and the owner is one of the nicest guys in town!”
DINER FROM ONTARIO • Deb Fraleigh urbanspoon review – urbanspoon Bar On Locke page
“One of our favourite places in Hamilton! Great atmosphere, great drinks, great food and the owner is one of the nicest guys in town!”
DINER FROM ONTARIO • Deb Fraleigh - urbanspoon review – urbanspoon Bar On Locke page
“I always wish it was bigger, but I love the food and the staff. Great variety.”
DINER FROM ONTARIO • Wmanderso - urbanspoon review – urbanspoon Bar On Locke page
“Love this place! Maybe a little too much”

Shelley Marshall - Toronto Radio Personality - Facebook reviewer

“Thanks Mom!”

A recent visit to Hamilton prompted my Mom and her hubby to want to take me out for dinner. This being their favourite place, I had no qualms and accepted the invitation.

When we arrived the place only had a couple taken, and within 20-30 minutes, it was full and people could not get a table. My advice is to arrive early to avoid not getting a seat.

It is a very small and quaint place. Low lit atmosphere is provided by caldlelit tables and dark walls and seats. The bar has some lighting too which helps shed light on the place. We were served forthwith, by some very friendly young ladies. Our drinks arrived immediately. We chatted and took a while before ordering food. My Mom ordered Rum Chicken, I the Burger and Fries, Greg the wings.

Everything arrived promptly, given how busy the place was.

The burger was good. A freshly made patty that is a good portion and seasoned well is what always impresses me the most, and this is what I got. It came with standard condiments, but that is all I was looking for.

The fries were home made style and perfectly crispy. Portions were good. Everyone else was happy with their meals and my Mom ordered the pecan pie, which was also delicious.

Service remained prompt and attentive throughout. Overall, I’d go is not a place to go for a quiet drink, but they do not purport that either. The menu does seem to be suffering from an identity crisis what with the casual/almost fine dining options, but then also having standard pub grub. Something for everyone I guess.


restaurantica reviewer

“Good things can come in small places……”

Bar on Locke must be doing something right, they have been on Locke Street for almost 18 years.

This was our first visit, but definitely not the last, it is not a big place but oh so cozy and inviting. How nice it is to find a place for a bite to eat that doesn’t have a TV on every wall. There is soft background music so you can actually have a conversation with your table-mate.

The walls are covered with mostly black and white pictures of “old” Hamilton and if you’re lucky you just might see the Owner’s 53 Chevy pick-up parked out the front. There are lots of options on the menu with daily specials printed on a blackboard. I chose a club sandwich ($12.) This was not an ordinary club, this consisted of chicken breast, bacon, tomato, lettuce, cheddar cheese and mayo served with a choice of sides (I had sweet potato fries.)

My companion ordered the Montreal Meat sandwich with fries ($11.). He said the meat was very tender and tasty. Our Server was pleasant and helpful explaining the different menu choices. The portions were very generous as evidenced by my doggy bag. Unfortunately we had to pass on dessert which sounded delicious, we were told that everything is made on site from scratch.

We will definitely be returning to Bar on Locke, good things can come in small places.

As an example how unique they are, here are their hours as shown on the back of the menu. Love a sense of humour!

We’re open most days about 11:30 But some days as late as noon.
We’re closed about 10:00 or 11:00, occasionally around midnite. but some days as late as 1:00
Sometimes we’re here when we shouldn’t be.
Some days we’re somewhere else, but should be here too.
Now we are even here on Sunday. [Translation for the ‘humour-privileged’]
sun. 11:30 – 8:00
mon. 11:30 – 10:00
tues. – sat. 11:30 – 11:00

Arleen H. - Mount Hope, Canada

TripAdvisor Review – tripadvisor Bar On Locke page

“This is one of the only spots I think are worth going to when heading out in Hamilton.”

I love the service, friendly, unpretentious and comfortable.

I love the Bar on Locke grilled cheese, the fries, the wraps, the salads, and the specials are always great.

In response to the negative reviews, I don’t think this place ever claimed to be “above the mark” or “high end”, perhaps this is just what you were expecting. And the comment about the leather jacket seems very odd to me, considering I have seen some of the servers there wearing leather jackets, I just don’t believe that is true!

The vibe I get here is a relaxing spot, where you don’t have to make a reservation to get in, and you don’t have to dress a certain way to feel comfortable. Just come as you are, relax with a good drink and have a yummy meal. I highly recommend this bar.

DINER FROM ONTARIO • Mls urbanspoon review – urbanspoon Bar On Locke page

“The portions were generous and we were both pleased with the flavour, temperature and presentation.”

I had dinner with my husband at The Bar on Locke last evening, May 10th. This was my second time having dinner there.

I have been there for lunch numerous times and can’t say I ever had a bad experience. My husband chose the vegetarian dish of the day, a Moroccan spiced stir-fry, I had Pad Thai.

It was very busy, as I expected it to be, but the server had no difficulty whatsoever. Our drinks arrived quickly and our dinners within 15 minutes. The portions were generous and we were both pleased with the flavour, temperature and presentation. We shared a slice of pecan pie for dessert; delicious.

The owner assisted the server throughout our stay there, something I always like to see. He greeted us (I don’t know his name), and chatted for a few minutes. A charming man, you can tell he’s very proud of his restaurant. He should be. I will be back!

Jen F. - Hamilton, ON
yelp reviewer

“Little Restaurant, Big Enjoyment!”

The Bar on Locke fits nicely into the atmosphere that Locke Street Hamilton puts forth.

It’s small, but large sized booths and tables, so, no sense of being hemmed in.

Waitress was just the right person to answer our questions about the street in general, and the menu in particular. She was warm, involved, conscientious and professional!

We went in for lunch, it was after 1:30, so on the quiet side. Both of us ordered the Portobello mushroom burger, had different sides–the greens and the German potato salad soup. The burgers were moist and juicy, well appointed with lovely tomatoes, sprouts and cheese. Perhaps a slightly harder bun might be a suggestion to keep the burger intact.

Soup was excellent, greens were topped with a tasty dressing. Kudos all around. Saw other patrons with mussels, and they were very happy campers. Washroom is small, but clean. Booths are high up and need new upholstery. Quick and satisfying lunch on your shopping trip? This is the place!

Well done, Bar on Locke!

zenitlady -  Senior Contributor - TripAdvisor review

TripAdvisor Bar On Locke page

“Been too many times to count…”

We have been going to Bar on Locke for several years now and are finally getting around to writing a review.

Simply put, it’s small, friendly and has fantastic food. We’ve had pretty much everything on the menu and every type of wine available and beer on tap. Every experience we’ve had has been uniquely memorable. Having been so frequently, we get to know some of the locals and that is the true strength behind the character of the restaurant. Locals make the colour of the place, as do the staff.

If you get to know Annie the waitress, she has a dry sense of humour that most people get, but don’t let that fool you. She is quick, courteous and it is always a pleasant time to spend with her chatting when there’s a quiet moment.

Should you find yourself looking for something a bit out of the ordinary, try this place and I think you will find yourself pleasantly surprised.

Rocinante - Brantford
restaurantica reviewer

“My very favourite Hamilton restaurant. Excellent menu with delicious food AND they make an awesome martini! Highly recommend!”

Wendy Cox - Stoney Creek
Facebook reviewer

“Give it a chance, you’ll see!”

Quaint place on Locke Street – always have enjoyed the food. Its your small town bar, where everyone knows your name. I have been there multiple times and have always had great reviews from the friends I brought there. Give it a chance, you’ll see!

Jeff R. - Burlington, ON
yelp reviewer

“a hidden gem”

I really like this place. a good selection of draught beer, imports and domestic. the food is awesome. probably some of the best nachos in town.

The curry chicken is fabulous, and the stuffed chicken breast is absolutely mouthwatering. 

I like the atmosphere, it is a small place and the lighting is intimate. service is excellent and never too imposing. the only problem i have ever had there is that there is that it is so busy, sometimes it is hard to get a seat but if you go early or later, it will not be a problem.

Gord S. - Senior Reviewer - TripAdvisor Reviewer 

TripAdvisor Bar On Locke page

“Friendly and great place to eat”

The Bar on Locke is a great neighbourhood restaurant and bar. It’s very cozy and on the nice warm days the owner opens the garage style door at the front so you feel like you are on a patio, it’s a great place to people watch from.

There are lots of great shops in the area, especially antiques. We really like the relaxed atmosphere and the server Annie is very friendly. You must try their crab cakes and the hamburgers are amazing.

Each time we have a girls night out everyone votes for the Bar on Locke! We all order a martini to start. Can’t wait to return.

Halina W. - Toronto
restaurantica reviewer

"Always a fun place!”

Bar on Locke is my neighbourhood place to go. I really like the laid-back feeling of this place.

The service staff always makes you feel like they’ve known you for a long time even if it’s your fist visit. I love their crab cakes and their hamburgers are a work-out just to eat.

Everytime I have family visiting from Montreal they ask to go to the Bar on Locke! We usually walk over because their make great martinis too- so no drinking a driving…just a zig-zag home. 🙂

silvieb - Hamilton, ON
restaurantica reviewer

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