The Old Truck

A common Locke Street sight…

Built in Oshawa in late 1952 and originally delivered to a farm in Saskatchewan, the truck made it to Lynden, Ontario in 1996.

Bar on Locke founder, Ray, found it there in 1998, waiting for some love.

The Bar had just opened a few months earlier, and the need for a service vehicle became obvious. At that time, Locke Street was known as an antique centre and it made sense to add an antique truck to the landscape.

After almost 17 years on the street, it has become something of an icon. Not to mention that it has far exceeded original expectations of its utility and function for The Bar.

Rather than have the truck undergo cosmetic surgery, we prefer that it continue to age gracefully.

The new Bar and Grill on Locke now has a new truck, the old truck remained with Ray. 

You will still spot the old truck around the area though, as Ray remains in the community.

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